I ‘heart’ Rebecca Saxton

The atmosphere is electric!!! The music is pumping, the floor jumping.


18,000 independent business owners ready to be inspired!

18,000 people of the kindest, most honest, honourable, passionate, servant leaders I have ever met..

18,000 friends and colleagues all dancing, taking selfies..

18,000 men, women and babies all making the decision to do something different… 

18,000 who saw THE business opportunity of the 21st century and were open minded enough to listen.

18,000 people which started with 1 man with vision and a dream to enrich lives nearly 40 years ago.

I miss my babies, my boys, the Big Man but there is absolutely no where else I would rather be!
And it all started with a 30 minute coffee with an old friend who made contact 3 years ago and who showed me an alternative to everything I had been taught …. And a way to build a better, extraordinary life.


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