Wallowing in water is the best place I have found to share ideas and concepts.
Yesterday while floating in the beautiful pool at the Encore my friend introduced me to the J Bittersweet 30 day meditation programme and today while cooling off in the shallows of Tower 2 pool, another friend shared her experiences of clairvoyance.
Meditation helped me through the days Mumbo left me, us, this life. I lay on the floor of the posh lounge and looked out over the fields opposite my childhood home and breathed: emptying my mind of any thoughts and watched them float across my subconscious. 
Since then, I haven’t found the time to make it a priority…. Or if I did, I found it a real challenge to quieten my thoughts, self talk, my to-do lists noisily making an appearance… So the recommendation of the 30 day challenge was a welcome solution. I am on day 2 and while my thoughts still continue to interrupt my flow, I see myself exercising my patience and mind muscle. I feel better already just having had 5 minutes to breathe.
And so to clairvoyance. Well the topic and discussions have left me switching between excitement and heart wringing emotion at the possibility of being able to speak or converse with my Mum. My lovely pre-Alzheimers Mum. Have a conversation with her just like I used to on my way to work, sharing my thoughts, agenda, secrets….. 
I will have to work up to it…. And find someone I believe and trust… But I am going to do it. I believe that we are all energy: millions of particles just living in this body in this life.  
We can tap in to any energy source… 
If you want to. 
Through meditation I am tapping into my inner energy source.
Through clairvoyance, I can tap into the spiritual energy source. 
Amazing what you can learn in the water.


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