Easter: faith & fun

An Easter trail.  An Easter Service.  An Easter Egg hunt…


An Easter trail culminating in a large Easter bunny handing out chocolates signified the end of term for Tom.  And we are both ready.  Ready for some lie ins.  Ready for some down time.  Ready for cuddles on the sofa, walks by the river, cycle rides and whatever takes his fancy.


An Easter Service for Willy… the story of Easter answering Willy’s question the other day ‘Mummy, why is it called Good Friday, when bad things happened?’….   The story of Easter shows us that sometimes unpleasantness and even endings need to happen for new beginnings to be able to uncurl.. for miracles to show us the light for a new direction.


An Easter egg hunt… a surprise for the boys to see Hannah and even more of a surprise to find chocolate eggs in the park!  Her presence in our house always bringing a ray of sunshine… and if it brings chocolate, then all the merrier for us all!  And a hunt.. always a good lesson to strive for what you are looking for, turning over every fallen leaf, checking behind every tree stump until you find your prize.


Faith.  Regardless of denomination, faith is a good to have in your life to teach the important lessons and morals needed to lead a good life.


Faith mixed with fun, well that’s just a match made in heaven.



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