life’s a dance

Sometimes life feels like a dance.  2 steps forward, 1 step back, side step one way and then the other, spin on your toes, bob a curtsy and nod a bow.


I have no idea where I am… yesterday felt like a leap… an exciting lift!  Progress mentally, emotionally… today, I am not sure whether I am going backwards or spinning on the spot.


Sometimes life feels like a dance.  An elegant waltz, a regimented foxtrot, lightening speed quick step, lusty tango or raunchy rumba… my favourite the American smooth..


I definitely feel like I am doing a quick step… and wish I could slow to a dreamy waltz or even a methodical foxtrot.


Wherever I wake up each day, I set out to listen for the music… select the appropriate costume… take a deep breath… and learn to dance.


Bring on the sequins.

life is a dance




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