Enough of the family sandwich!

So enough about the family sandwich…!


Today I had a little time to think about me… and my other sandwich.  The career sandwich.  Once you have been self employed, once you have spent real quality time with your children, there really is no going back to an extreme, corporate powered job.   Well not for this mummy anyway.  I’ve seen first hand the effect on my health, my family, my marriage…


And it is about balance, but finding the right balance… the right for your bank balance – dropping from two corporate incomes to one can be a shock…  the right balance for your health and mental stimulation… again going from high octane, high stress to ‘simple’ childcare and housekeeping can also be a shock…. and stressful but in a different way!


I read a great book by Dr Ro ‘Turning point’ and heard him speak in a full day conference.  I loved his chapter and coaching on working out your values… what makes you tick, what makes your heart sing… what makes you, your authentic you.  Not what people think you are or should be, but you.  I did the exercise with my coach.  It was interesting.  In my previous life, it was money, title, leadership, recognition, ambition.  Now it is totally different…. Love, fun and laughter, integrity, honesty, purity all play a bigger part.  That’s not to say I have lost the other values, but they are less of a priority.


So… what am I going to do… know that I know what I am?


I am going for the scatter gun approach. I have determined what other ‘work’ or a ‘job’ would look like for me, without sacrificing my family or my business… and now I am venturing out to see what is out there, other than IT transformation, digital platform creation and consulting.


I love helping people with my health and wellness business, I love educating people on toxin awareness and coaching them on how they can make small changes to great success.  So I have spoken to a couple of nutritionists, health coaches to find out what I would need to do to take that further.  Interesting.


I love helping people in my health and wellness business who do the same as I do, building an online franchise and coaching them to build a stronger business by having a stronger mindset.  So I have spoken to a couple of coaches to find out what it would take to do more of that on a qualified basis.  Again, interesting..


I love blogging and writing… so I have spoken to the local magazine to see how I could be part of their team, write formally, expand and grow their online presence and generate more income.  Exciting!


I love mentoring and coaching and working with young children…. So I have spoken to the leaders of the programme to see how I can help them on a more formal basis… and today I applied to go and work in the careers department of York university and share my 20 years of real life experience in many companies, building my own business, running a home and having a family….


I do want it all.  I do believe I can have it all.  Family first, love my job… have multiple streams of income and contribute to the family pot, without stress and exhaustion.


So universe.  It’s up to you!  It is in your hands!  Thank you!



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