Perfect.  Perfection.  Perfectionist.


Words many of us use regularly, terms to describe something, someone, ourselves maybe.


But is there such a thing?  Should there be such a thing?


I know I used to describe myself as a perfectionist, when it came to work at least. I wouldn’t stop until every question had been asked, every angle considered, fonts matching, i’s dotted, t’s crossed and every paragraph perfectly in line.


I used to use the term as a benchmark until almost killed me… I couldn’t stop until something was perfect…


I used to use the term as a benchmark… until I realised it was pointless, a waste of time… and that the content and the delivery of a presentation or paper was what mattered, what was remembered.


I used to use the term as a benchmark… until I realised it just wasn’t necessary… better to get something done, a straw man, a draft, an idea… something 75% there, than nothing done at all….


I used to use the term as a benchmark… until I realised that iteration and striving for excellence in each iteration was better.  My perfect, was not necessarily someone else’s idea of perfect… so why strive for it just to be stripped down and redone… ?  Aim for something good and then improve and keep improving, until it is brilliant!


Over lunch, we discussed this concept and then the phrase just came out of my mouth..


Can there be perfection in imperfection?


A full moon may be a ‘perfect’ circle in the sky, but it’s beauty only comes when you see the the mysterious shadows, the mis-shapen craters, the imperfections of the circumference of the round white ball.


My son’s ‘perfect’ blue eyes are true blue, but their beauty hypnotises when you look closely as see the tiny flecks of gold, grey and green…


Imperfections are what makes people, life, landscapes… everything interesting, exciting and complimentary.


A ‘perfect’ life comes from the little imperfections…  for they make a beautiful whole.





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