The Ferrari and the Fiat 500

Last week in my counselling session, I was in a dark festering place.  An anger, a rage boiling inside.


Last week in my counselling session, in a meditative, hypnotic state, I felt safe enough to let the rage bubble over.  In a trance, I said things that needed to come out, needed to be said.


Last week in my counselling session, there was no one there that could be hurt by the words, the anger…. So it just kept coming….  Like the cherry pips in the Witches of Eastwick.


As my Granny always said ‘Better out than in’…  and a week on, I am in a much lighter place.


This week in my counselling session, we continued on the theme of feelings as that is how I communicate, how I live, how I make choices…  how I feel.


The anger has given way to frustration… a lighter emotion, but still a strong feeling.  A frustration of not being able to explain how I feel to others; possibly as I can’t explain it myself in words… it is just a feeling…


We discussed that if I could paint a picture of how I felt, what would it show?


The canvas was immediately clear in my mind.  A huge 6’ by 6’ oil painting…


In the distance, is a beautiful sun and a silhouette of a beautiful house nestled in amongst trees, tinkling fountains and peaceful lakes… and you can hear the laughter from a group of people dancing on a perfect lawn…


On the left, a rocky mountain range, with a winding road, sometimes the road disappearing into dark tunnels, sometimes at a serious incline and uphill climb, sometimes a slow hair pin, painful, scary ride down..


On the right, a beautiful valley with one of France’s beautiful clear motorways, dead straight, flanked by tall trees and corn fields.  And every so often an ‘area’, with large car parks and coffee stops…


If you look closely, just turning out of one of the ‘areas’ is a red Ferrari with a tall guy in it, beaming face, raring to go… he has tried a few of the stops along the way, tried a few fast cars, spun a few donuts, left his mark… but none are quite as good as this red Ferrari…. He is home.  He has a tank full of gas, the roof is down and he is ready.  This is the one.  He is ready to take this baby on to the fast track to the sunshine house.  You can feel his energy leaping from the painting… and you want to jump in the back seat and go where he is going…


And if you look a little closer again, just coming out of the last tunnel at the end of rocky road, there is a little battered white fiat 500… And the person in it is turning her face to the sun, her eyes are half closed and her head resting back… She believes she is already so close to sunshine house…. With the last part of the journey to go, she is ready to glide slowly towards the laughter and sunshine, appreciating the beauty and the serenity surrounding her.


fiat 500


She knows she can jump in the Ferrari.  She knows she could switch her fiat 500 for something far classier, far quicker…. But for now.  She is happy with her battle scared fiat…. for now.





One thought on “The Ferrari and the Fiat 500

  1. Truly inspired writing. You are a wonderful story teller who wears her heart on her sleeve. Thank you for sharing this with me…thanks for sharing your beautiful gift. Xx

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