Feedback & Serenity…

Recognise that if you are successful, if you are doing something great, people are going to love you and some people are going to hate you.  I see that as part of success.’


These were the words that I heard from my audiobook of choice today ‘Hero’ by Rhonda Byrne.


When you step out on to that skinny branch of doing something different to those in your community, social network, even social class, you are bound to attract attention, elicit feedback, comment.  Some of it positive, effervescent and glowing… some of it less so, negative, derogatory, challenging.  Some of it given to you directly, some of it you hear on the whispers of the wind… some of it you feel.


Another one of my favourite books ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr, given to me by a lovely friend… also has a chapter on ‘feedback’.


I have notes scribbled all over the book, in the margins and any spare page… but the section on feedback stuck with me.  Gave me backbone.  Made me less emotionally reactive and less personally affected by feedback from others.


Unlock yourself from praise and feedback”…

Let go of the need to be liked, to please everyone”…

Feedback tells you more about the person giving it, especially if negative, their preferences

It’s ok to rock the boat, challenge, do pioneering work… accept that criticism is part of the journey

Recognise that criticism will hurt if it mirrors something that you believe deep down about yourself that you don’t like”…  I then wrote “get to work on the bit you don’t like until it doesn’t hurt any more!


Stepping out on to a skinny branch, makes you stronger.  When I stepped out on to my first skinny branch and started a network marketing company in health and wellness, the feedback I first received was not what I had expected..… But almost 3 years on, I have proved many of the stone throwers and doubters wrong.  I have stuck at it, held firm in my belief, believed how I can help others and now pretty confident, riding any winds that ruffle the leaves…


Stepping out on to another skinny branch, makes you even stronger.  Stepping out, baring my soul, my heart, my thoughts, my feelings through writing publicly has also elicited much feedback…   I never expected anyone to read it… let alone enjoy it, be inspired by it, and even share it to help others…


I can count on one hand where I have had feedback where my honesty and openness hasn’t sat so well with readers.


When that happens, I choose to re-read one of the countless positive texts, messages or emails, recall a conversation where my words have helped or made someone laugh…   And when I can’t do that, then I say the serenity prayer… and move on.


Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change. 

Courage to change the things I can.

And Wisdom to know the difference…



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