Saturday mornings….

It has to be one of my favourite times of the week.  Saturday mornings.


In a few months, Tom will have Saturday school and our usual early weekday set off will continue to the weekend.


But for the moment, it will continue to be one of my favourite indulgences. I have our super-king size bed all to myself…. I roll on my tummy, shove a cushion under my belly and let my body sink through the marshmallow of the mattress.  Just sink.  My shoulders fall and I let all any tension drain away.


As I drift off I can hear the gentle beat of the radio and the sounds of pancake Saturday taking place below me…. I used to give the boys pancake Fridays as it was my day off but 6.30am is just too early for pancake.  So it is the Big Man’s time and treat for the boys.


As I drift off, as I empty my mind, I let a flood of warmth and wealth and happiness flow over me.


At some point a small ball will creep under the covers and snuggle in and just say ‘hi mama’… usually Tom… before they bounce back downstairs again.


I take that as my cue to get up.  We have friends for dinner and my mind cranks in to gear.  Definitely time to get up!


Yesterday wasn’t such a good day.  But a good sleep, a glass of wine, the sun steaming through the barn Windows and the happy sounds in my house are signs that today will be better.

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