How selfish am I?

I was worried at the beginning of half term.  Possibly more than worried… panicked maybe!  This was the first half term I had nothing planned… or at least all the plans I did have in place were quashed.  With Mum heading to her snowy heaven and Tom breaking his leg, our skiing plans were put to an abrupt end.


Our lovely Superman-lookalike Orthopaedic Consultant also put an end to any football, rugby, cricket .. basically any sports camps…


We looked in to heading off for some last minute sun… Dubai?  Tenerife?  And for a very excitable 10 minutes, heading to South Africa to have 5 days with Aunty Brownwings..  But the ridiculous half term prices were just a bit out of our league…


With the Big Man on a week holiday… 3 boys to entertain, exercise and feed, even the thought of it made a few more grey hairs spring up!  I like routine, especially when at home… boys in to camp, instead of school; on holiday, boys in to clubs or ski school, sailing school… James at work and the house quiet for me, my chores, my business planning..


But as I sit here, at the end of hump day… I realise how selfish I have been and I am glad of the break from the norm, the disruption of plans to show me that.  How selfish am I to have not let the boys chill… relax, have some free time to themselves? Time to do nothing? ..  Have some family time during the week and not just at the weekend…?


Day trips to Dalby Forest and to York have been fun and I have loved hearing the boys’ constant chatter… And breaking the rules today… popcorn and Tango for lunch at the cinema, midweek tea time in front of the tv… Wii and ipad on rotation…   And the result… the boys haven’t grown horns or turned ugly (little boys anyway!).  In fact, quite the opposite..They are more cuddly than normal, holding my hand, giving me kisses… polite and almost tantrum and rude free!


Don’t get me wrong… they will still be back in camps and clubs next holiday… but it hasn’t been as scary as I thought!


It is going to be a beautiful sunny, cold day in Yorkshire tomorrow… time to open the guide book and look for the adventure!

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