A chocolate elixir

What do you do in the school holidays when there is no sport allowed? With York steeped in chocolate heritage, go on a chocolate tour of course!


A few of facts that made me love chocolate even more…(if that were possible).


The history of chocolate in York began with 2 families the Tukes and the Rowntrees, both followed the Quaker faith.  According to our very knowledgeable guide, Ben, part of the practice of the Quakers was a high prioritisation on social responsibility.  They saw the benefit of the cocoa trade not only for themselves as a family but for the community of York and how many people they could help with purpose, with jobs.  They were also innovative in their employment – offering paid holiday and other benefits.


I like that.  How many people start a company to help the community first?


After we had eaten our way through the history of chocolate – from the ‘chocolat eau’ which was seen as an elixir for life by tribal communities where the cocoa grew and was fiercely protected… to the delicious hand made chocolates fashioned by our chocolatier… and even to our own personal creations of chocolate lollipops covered in sprinkles of our liking – we got to wander freely around the small museum.  And I read my second fact.. Chocolate makes you happy… and brainy!  Fact… according to a report published by the Sunday Times.  And furthermore, chocolate is also a superfruit!


I concur – eating chocolate all afternoon made me (and the 2 boys) very happy…


I am big on superfruits…  so here’s to chocolate covered blueberries…


And apparently, I need to get ‘proper job’… so I better get these grey cells back in gear….  Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea is ok by me!


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