Icy shocks…

Twice today I have been jolted back in to reality and out of my head.  Twice, ice has brought me back in to living in the moment….


The first time, I had just come back from a pummelling… my back, neck and shoulders stiff with emotion, tension and time spent sitting in cars and in awkward positions to hold Mum’s hand as long as possible.. As I got out of the car and was crossing the yard, I was in my own little world… and comedy cartoon moment as my feet flew from underneath me and suddenly, I lay, supine, staring at the blue blue sky… As I had been cursing my stiff, weak body, frustrated at the lack of exercise I have been able to do recently… I slipped on black, sheet ice in the yard and I lay breathless, winded, mentally checking my legs, back, arms, head and giving thanks that I was in tact… and back in the moment, I realised that it was a beautiful day to get out and about with my family in the fresh air.


The second time, I was filling a cup full of icy water for Tom to have with his supper.  He was asking me a question about something, or telling me a story – again, I was in my old little world, slightly annoyed about Willy storming off in a grumpy mood…  Suddenly the cup literally jumped out of my hand, bounced on the floor, shocking both Tom and I with spray from freezing water.  We gasped and laughed at the ice cubes scuttling across the floor… Our socks went on the aga and the floor got an extra mop… and I turned my attention to Tom who had been telling me about the comic strips he had been doing at school, he wanted me to print a blank one for him to fill in.  The cup of icy water, bringing me back to the important stuff, the present moment and my beautiful, bright, cheerful son…


I realise that I have changed.  A few years ago, the icy incidents would have darkened my moods further.


Now, I see them as trivial upsets and a blessing, the universe shaking me back into seeing the good, taking me away from the dark side, to see the light in every moment.


It was a beautiful day chasing the snow… and found it in the North Yorkshire Moors…





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