Annie. Mumbo. Granny Annie

Well done you lovely old thing! Congratulations to 44 years of happy marriage!  It was what you were waiting for, holding out for..  44 years and just under 2 hours with your beloved John Boy.

You left this world peacefully, but I can’t imagine that you will be quiet for long.

Wherever you may be, I am imagining you in the mountains.

On Alp Flix dancing in the fields of wild flowers, dancing like you haven’t for such a long time – arms out twirling like you are Maria!  ‘The hills are alive!’…

Or shouting ‘Ben Zee Knees!!!!!’ and tucking up in to a schuss with a big grin, and heading off in a cloud of snow.


I can hear your peels of laughter echoing happily through the Swiss valleys.  And that makes me smile.


You are the lovely, true Annie again.  Mumbo.  Granny Annie.


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