ComplicAted? Or easy?

I think I have a split personality…I am sat here with a gorgeous green juice of kale, broccoli, Apple, ginger and coconut water…. And a bar of chocolate …

And I can’t decide which I like better! 

One sip…

One bite…

I have nearly finished both….
I suppose the rest of my personality is like that too…
I love yoga and Pilates … But I also love to run and sprint, lift weights and row…
I spent 20 years building IT systems, ecommerce platforms, love my iPad, my Mac book… And yet I only ever read from a paperback book…
I love red wine and white wine equally… But they both make me vomit…
I love nights in alone in my pj’s and nights out with friends!
My favourite holiday is skiing, in the snow.. But if you asked me to give up my summer holiday, I would say no! 
Does that make me super complicated??? Complex?
I would rather thank that I am really easy to please….. 🙂
Ps:Chocolate is gone…. Does that mean I like it more? Or does it mean I want to finish with the fresh taste of green and health??!! 

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