Everything’s rosy!

I am meant to be having a night out, drinking cocktails, laughing with friends…Instead I am in pj’s, hottie on my neck and one on my head… Nursing a detox tea… Slipper socks up…
I blame Frank… Who whistled round my bedroom all night last night…. Keeping me awake.
I blame HMRC … Or really I should blame myself for leaving my tax return so late! Spending a day staring at a PC screen is ale thing I am no longer used to! A lesson learnt… Do it at the end of every month… Yeah yeah… I know big man!
I blame William… Who knows what triggered this afternoons red mist, the hour of rage… He has had a wonderful day with friends, playing golf, football and watching a movie… Lego time with me and tea together… 
As I read the boys stories to calm everyone down and as I kiss them good night, I feel the tension for the first time…
Instead of cocktails, I blitz up a vitamin c packed juice in my new pink nutribullet, make a pot of tea, put on my pink socks… Snuggle down and say goodnight world. Everything is just rosy….for now and will be tomorrow for sure!

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