In mourning…

I am in mourning…. Sounds rather drastic, I know…

But a few things have come to an end….
The big man left to go back to work after lunch – that signifies the end of Christmas, our family time and my favourite time of the year…
My Hannah Banana, my right hand and arm, my sanity guardian is leaving me … I have absolutely no idea how I am going to logistically be in multiple places at once, let alone keep calm and collected enough to be a patient, loving mother and understanding, loving wife…
And finally, my life is over… My trusty Mac BookPro has died. Apple confirmed the hard drive has died… And since the last time I backed it up was never … Or almost never – I can’t remember when the remote back up started telling me it was full! All our photos for the last 5 years, my Sandwich drafts… Potentially irrecoverable…
On the flip side… There is always good to be found in every situation… Or the universe is conspiring to manifest what I have asked if for….
With HB moving on to her next adventure, maybe this is a sign that a miracle will happen and mean that Willy shall get a place at the same school as Tom sooner and I won’t have to be in two places… Or maybe it will mean that Willy may have to spend 2 hours in the car after school with me… But that’s what he asked for.. More time with me! He won’t care that it’s in the car!
With my MacBook Pro gone….I realise my favourite photos over the years are all on Facebook … Thank goodness I am a prolific poster! It’s my own personal free back up plan! While I can replace the hard drive, I could upgrade and get the little one that I have been dreaming of and save my back lugging this one around! Far more professional and fitting of a mobile blogger!
And with the Big Man gone… He is only gone a couple of nights this week… And so that leaves me with a full sofa, his half eaten bag of maltesers, the remote and a super king size bed to starfish in!

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