Take a sip of my secret potion 

To drown out my negative noisy head chatter, I played some strong power ballads very loudly on my way back from Harrogate…. I love music.

It lifts my spirits, I can sing a long and that stops the trail of negative thoughts in my mind and I find myself smiling and with happy thoughts again… Distraction or a shift in focus – music is a wonderful thing!

I had to play them so loud tonight that ‘highway to the danger zone’ and the drum beats made my heart feel like it was punching through my rib cage….
Maybe not necessarily the right choice of song as it felt like the last day or so has been a bit of a danger zone…. I am stuck in the middle of the two people who I love most in life (in addition to my boys) but who have a serious personality clash … It’s nothing new. It’s been around a long time… And I have stood in the middle, hearing both sides, deflecting hurtful words, absorbing their emotions, keeping the peace. 

It saddens me so much to see one cry and the other hurt, defensive…

What do you do when you are stuck in the middle, in a danger zone?
Fortunately the next song did make me smile! Little Mix and Black Magic — the song that my little niece has been singing to me all Christmas – hands on her hips, pointing at me – ‘take a sip of my secret potion, I’ll make you fall in love’ …
If only it were that simple….
So I am home, in my pj’s – Downton’s last ever episode and a mince pie…. Or 2.  




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