Is the magic over?

As I sit here for my 5 minute blog spot… I have a dilemma… a cup of tea and a mince pie or a stiff drink and a mince pie.


I have one angel son writing his thank you cards – studiously, neatly and totally instigated of his own accord.


I have one son… who is currently writing me hate letters and ripping up paper and throwing them around the kitchen, or spilling them over my head.


Willy doesn’t like being told off.


I have explained that unwrapping presents hidden in a cupboard that has been barricaded was something that they shouldn’t have done, especially when not labeled. Tom is blaming Willy and I can well imagine that is the case, but as I wasn’t there, they get the same sage warning.


Tom shrugs it off and moves on. Turning his bad deed in to a good one with the letter writing.


Willy turns into little angry man.


And I am sat here with paper balls reigning down on my head wondering how to deal with the situation….


Is the magic over?

Can I save the magic of Father Christmas this year?


And while I ponder, I am wondering whether tea or vodka is the solution for a creative solution.


Either way, I need cover. Paper balls hurt.








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