Peeling and singing

Christmas Eve for me is all about peeling and singing…
I felt a little worse for wear this morning after a beautiful, stylish, generous, very fun Christmas Drinks party…. I had champagne mouth and head. 
I haven’t drunk more than one or two glasses of wine socially for rather a long time…. Alcohol can bring out the best in me.. The party, fun, life and soul me…. But it can also bring out the angry, shouty, tearful, sobbing me… With the emotional turbulence going on in my head and heart, I didn’t want to bring out that monster in public… For the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed… I felt relaxed enough to fill my glass and have it refilled… Many times. I didn’t count. And I didn’t cry or shout… 
The only way to get the round the fuzzy champagne head and dry, tacky mouth was liquid – hydration sachets and fizz sticks, and eating…. And peeling. 
The Christmas tradition of family peeling and chopping altogether. I love it… Signifies the real start to Christmas… 
As does the Christmas Carol service in our local church. Just 30 minutes – carol after Carol – one after the other – up down, up down.. And always ending in the children singing jingle bells at the end.  
This year felt special as Tom was confident to sit at the front on his home… All tall and moppy blond and grown up… Total contrast to my little nephew who stole hearts as he ran up and down the aisle with his teddy… 
And now I am sat in my pj’s, after a few more champagnes next door at James’ parents… We have rewrapped the discovered Father Christmas presents… 
And my final favourite tradition…. We have nibbled on all the carrots and split them over the floor… We have eaten half the mince pies, drink the majority of the pint of John Smiths – just a little left … And filled the sacks… 
All that’s left to do is kiss my sleeping angels and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

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