So I have had laryngitis (lost the ability to speak), sinusitis, (lost the ability to breathe) and now I have bronchitis (lost the ability to stop coughing)…


So what ‘itis’ is next?!


Bring it on!


I will laugh in your face…


I am out of bed and I shan’t be going back into it in the daytime unless I have had far too much fun the night before…


Fighting talk from the little Brookster…


But yesterday, I started my mission to find the sparkle… and I wasn’t going to let this ill state of me, stop me any more…


And if I couldn’t find it, then I was going to sprinkle glitter…


I couldn’t find it…. So I decided to sprinkle some festive glitter… some magical fairy dust… to help others feel better, even if I didn’t feel tip top, tickety boo myself…. Seeing others happy, always makes me feel better regardless.


I thought to myself, that if was feeling stressed with all the presents I have to buy, people I have to think of… then while I wait for my Christmas Miracle to feel better, to move Mum safely or to clone myself into 3, then I will be a Christmas Miracle to as many people as I can…


And that is exactly what I did. And it felt good!


I helped and advised several lovely friends on presents for their loved ones and they left happy knowing that the pressure of hitting the high street, finding the right gift, at the right time and then finding the time to wrap it has magically disappeared from their future.


The looks on their faces – priceless!


…. And may be there is a little bit of a sparkle squirming inside me as I watch the glitter dance in the Yorkshire sunlight….

Sparkle vs Itis….. the battle commences…


Christmas shopping help

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