I can’t wait to get my sparkle back on.

I CAN’T WAIT to get my sparkle back on..


This is my favourite time of year…


I love the magic, the parties, the fun, the excitement, the giving, the receiving, the laughter, the kisses, the decorations, the nibbles, the bubbles, the toxicating smells of mulled wine, cooking hams, the chat, the laughter, the family time, the warmth, the Christmas crooners, the crackers, the carols, friends, mince pies and candles … I love the sparkle!


I am watching Strictly… and it reminds me of how I see Christmas… anticipation, swirling, excitement, crescendo and lots of SPARKLE!


Our house is decorated in all its finery, but it feels somehow lacklustre. The Big Man has left for the big smoke… the boys are tucked up and under their duvets… Strictly has been replaced by the Antiques Roadshow…


I have 5 days to find my sparkle…

I am on a mission!


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