Laughter and wine…

Laughter and wine.


Laughter and wine… both good medicine.


Laughter, wine and a cup of tea…. Even better medicine.


Laughter, wine, a cup of tea, a couple of hours snoozing… Amazing medicine.


Laughter, wine, cup of tea and a friend to laugh with … the best medicine.


My friend Karen made me laugh so much this morning that I couldn’t stop coughing…. Not ideal when she is trying to get my muscles out of the spasm they are in because of all the coughing…


My bed was my friend after the coughing fit, where I recovered from coughing exhaustion as well as burying myself under the duvet to hide my sadness at missing our ‘Coffee Mums’ Christmas lunch.


Laughter as always at the innocence and childish comedy of the school nativity… and surprise at no picking of the nose or yawning! Progress!


A cup of tea with another friend who came to pick up her little boy on a play date and laughter behind the stern faces as we told our sons off for massacring a 20 year old Thai cushion… The 2 hours it took them to clean up the mess was punishment enough… And a lesson for me, not to allow little boys up to bedrooms with scissors…


A glass of wine thrust in to my hand as I go to pick up Tom from his play date, putting the playground worlds to rights….As the second glass of wine was poured, I was all for going to give the naughty boys a good old fashioned telling off if the school won’t! Or maybe I will even send in the Big Guns, the Big Man..


All I need now is medicinal chocolate.


But I have eaten it all.

Bed and my inhaler it is.  That gives me the shakes.. and the giggles!





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