It is all I want to eat at the moment…. I crave it on toast… hot buttery toast. Multiple rounds of it.

It takes moments to make – maybe about 2 minutes…

Tastes devine..


And I actually just read up on ‘the benefits of marmalade’:


Orange Marmalade uses the flesh and the peel from oranges (and lemons) to make a citrus fruit preserve. While this food is high in sugar, it provides a range of nutritional benefits, supplementing a diet with vitamins and keeping your fat, calorie and sodium intake low. The vitamin C in orange marmalade promotes healthy tendons and ligaments. The vitamin C is also important for repairing tissues in your body as well as collagen.


So Aunt Lucy was right. “Marmalade. Just One sandwich contains all the vitamins and minerals a bear needs for a whole day!’


Just call me Paddington…..



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