Coping strategies.


Coping strategies for the weekday single Mum of 2 when feeling under the weather, not quite 100%.


Coping strategy no1: Go to bed early, pile the pillows up high to help prevent the coughing, box of tissues in reach, cough mixture opened to prevent midnight battles and spillage.


Coping strategy no2: Be prepared for Willy and the unsettled night that always follows Big Daddy Morts’ departure to London. Calpol at the ready for whatever ache or pain his upset manifests as… (controversial I know given today’s announcements…. )


Coping strategy no3: Multiple alarms set. One in the bathroom so I have to get up and turn it off.


Coping strategy no4: Comfy clothes laid out ready to slip into quickly.


Coping strategy no5: Lay the table the night before with cereal bowls, spoons, cereal and homework to be done before we leave for school.


Coping strategy no6: Prepare protein shake with all dry ingredients ready to blitz as I run out the door, my breakfast on the go!


Coping strategy no7: Take out frozen pre-prepared supper for the boys’ tea – chilli or bolognaise?


Coping strategy no8: Post drop offs, get back into bed, turn off the lights, TV, phone, close the curtains and recover as much sleep as possible lost through tending to Willy’s earache, tooth ache, and little bedtime partner wriggles…


Coping strategy no9: Feel no guilt.


Coping strategy no10: Set alarm for last possible moment to get up and shower before picking up the boys…


Coping strategy no11: Hot shower with Arbonne Detox Seasource products to help clear my nose and replenish my body with the all the minerals my body is losing to a dehydrating cold.


Coping strategy no12: Prepare snacks for the boys to have at pick up – hunger prevent far better than post hunger pang cure!


Coping strategy no13: Double Fizz stick… hydrating and serious energy kick to get me through pick ups, tea time, bath time and bedtime!


Coping strategy no14: Boys to choose books to read during teatime to distract them and me from keeping asking them to ‘eat up’…


Coping strategy no15: 30 minutes of our favourite film with our fruit bowls… giggles over Paddington, cuddle time….


Coping strategy no16: Early to bed…


Coping strategy no 17: Repeat…. Until 100% again.



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