Home alone.


Me, Strictly Results, Antiques Roadshow and a bag of minstrels all to myself.


The big man has left for London a night earlier than usual. It’s always a tough call – to miss an evening cuddling on the sofa and have good long night sleep or enjoy cuddles but a seriously early morning rise….


It was the right choice to go tonight… we all need a good night sleep.


So he has gone… Sunday supper in his Tupperware…


Interesting the career choices we all make.


Choices in our household that are never taken lightly, that are discussed at length.


Choices and decisions that we live with and we live through.




And we all have the chance to change our mind…. And make a different choice.


I remember a good friend of mine saying to me that there is no failure in having the courage to say when something no longer works for you, or your family. That was when I made the choice to leave employment, to become self employed and put my family first.




To be happy or sad, abundant or mean, loving or disapproving, joyful or tearful…


Each choice will have a consequential result. We can either live with them or choose to change and make a different choice.


The choice to have a cup of green tea…. Or a bag of minstrels.


Tonight feels like a bag of minstrels type of night…. And blow the consequences!


eleanor roosevelt

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