Groundhog Day 

It’s Groundhog Day…. Willy is showing signs of improvement … Which is good as he was the first to be struck down 2 weeks ago…. 

Tom still didn’t feel like rugby – he must be feeling ill although never complains…
We all managed to peel ourselves off the sofa to go to the supermarket to get food….and replenish the tissue supply. It was meant to be a cook off with team mummy&willy doing main and daddy&tom doing pud…. Although it ended up team daddy&willy buying M&S deserts and team mummy&tom choosing roast beef and peeling potatoes! 
We are all carb loaded and full bellied with custard…..
And back on the sofa! 
The common cough and cold. Men down! Men down! 
For a family of four who are healthy, eat good fresh food, exercise, live cleanly for he majority of the time… Do all the right things to keep our immunity strong… How on earth can the common cold strike us down?!

One thought on “Groundhog Day 

  1. In the wake of Willy’s broken sadness, and James being away, and you spinning plates, I have a sense of the four of you deeply connected within your nest this weekend.
    I don’t have a feeling of your colds, just of your family warmth.

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