Enter at your own peril!

In times of the plague, households of the victims of disease would mark their doors with a cross as a warning to those entering…
If we lived in those times, our door would be marked.
James has man flu.

The boys have little men flu.

And I sound like a man… lost my voice.
Tom threw up from coughing but failed to tell anyone…. 
Willy came to tell me there was red all over the kitchen floor… Nice. It was Heinz tomato soup for lunch … What else to serve when illness strikes??!!
So it’s been a sofa day…. Jurassic World, Captain America, How to Train Your Dragon all blurring in and out of focus… 
The fire is lit, we are toasty under blankets… And the next movie is about to start…
If I were you, I would keep away! 

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