The year of authenticity

Today I spent a very engaged, inspired 90 minutes listening to my new favourite teacher.  Her name is Christiane Northrup, MD, OBGYN.


She makes so much sense to me.  And I knew I was going to be hooked the minute she talked about how food and love go hand in hand.  How our biggest problem in society is that people don’t love themselves enough;  if more and more research points to the fact that food determines your health, then to feed yourself well, you need to love yourself well.


But it is an inside job.  And it takes time. I know that.  I feel like I have only just started, but my first book on self love was a couple of years ago already.  And I feel like I am only just getting to know myself… I am in those early dates, the intrigue and curiosity addictive.  Is it love yet?  Probably not, but a healthy appreciation and realisation I want to nurture myself to keep it alive..


Another teacher in my car today was Lisa Nichols, the wonderful voice from the Secret who also talks about falling in love with her mocha skin, big lips, hips and afro..  And I love her philosophy.  You can only invite love in, when you love yourself.  Perhaps so many relationships fail, or people struggle to find love because they are so busy trying to be someone they think somebody else will love, rather than just being themselves, their true selves.  I know this to be the case for myself, for the Big Man.  We were trying too hard to be something for someone else, rather than being ourselves.


Authenticity is the word of 2018.  It is a time to be reborn and connect with ourselves.  It is a year to live the truth.


lisa nichols

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