Healing myself happy

Today, I felt a strong sense of why I called my new business ‘Heal Yourself Happy’.


I am so happy.  Whereas, just 12 months ago, I was desperately unhappy, broken.  Even 4 or 5 months ago, there were still long periods of sadness in the spells of light and my wounds wept.


I am happy in my bones and in my core, no longer just in my smile.  My scars no longer weep and where my broken heart once lay shattered, they are pieced together, the cracks letting in the light and refracting it out to warm the rest of me.


I am healed by every tear I shed, every painful step forward I took, every fall, every stumble, every re-opened wound.  I am healed by love, by passion and purpose.


I was right to put my heart first, listen to my gut and gently manage my brain.

I was right to put me first, my boys second and everyone else followed.

I was right to heal myself happy and the rest fell in to place.


6 areas of wellness


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