Starting and ending with gratitude

At the end of the day, journaling is all about putting pen to paper, writing out the thoughts in your head, understanding feelings.


When I don’t know where to start, in good times or dark times, I always start with gratitude for what went well and end with gratitude for what didn’t go so well and for the lessons that taught me.


Today, my gratitude list of what went well is endless.  My days continue to be days full of joy, knocking off many of noted joy list activities.  I learn from my clients.  I learn from others.  I learn from my mistakes.  I connect with others.  I connect with myself.


I learn to drink more water.  I learn about how food is information, how it triggers functions in the body – the start of functional medicine.  I learn to remember to check the aga ovens for food I cook, and forget about.  I enjoy time with friends and loved ones. And time alone.


The feeling of calm and happiness is my major feeling, no longer one of despair.  That, I am most grateful for and the strength my time in the dark brought me, for the changes I was courageous enough to make.  That brought me here.







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