All the days, are the best days

By the side of the aga, as I was cooking his tea, I caught up with my little man and his day.  He told me all about Joseph and his technicoloured dream coat and the story of his 11 brothers and the 11 stars.  He was passionate and excited to share his day with me.  As he wrapped up the story, I concluded with him that he had had a really good day.


No Mummy, Monday’s are my worst days ever.”


It reminded me that Monday’s and Tuesday’s used to be my worst days ever at school.  They were the longest, back to back lessons and games and no down time, no time for fun or play.


Monday’s at work were always tough, a reminder of the long commutes away from home or the tube in London.  Picking up the remnants of the week before or any issues arisen from the weekend.  Tuesday, more of the same and the weekend still so far away.  It was a time, living for a weekend.


My Mondays and Tuesdays are now my busiest days.  Clearing up after the weekend, resetting the house for the week, restocking the fridge and my clients are now filling my schedule.


For the first time in a long time, I feel fulfilled in what I do.  Even if I am bone tired, a client call can have me lifted.  I surprise myself at how much I know from what I have read, what I have put in to practice.  My tools, my techniques, my tips… even my ‘cosmic ordering’ are being paid forward to help others.  The little voice inside my head that used to say ‘you know nothing and what you know is nothing, it won’t serve anyone’ is being drowned out by the reality that I do, it is something and it does serve and help others.


Mondays and Tuesdays and all the other days of the week are turning out to all be my favourites!  That’s just such a great place to be!  And I still pinch myself to remind myself of the reality of where I am now and where I was last year.  My tools for healing, recovery and growth are still in the belt around my waist, but I am loving loaning them to others, giving them a chance to try them out so they can create their own unique tool belts for life.




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