A redirection

Today, I flipped over my daily quote cards and it said ‘The Universe has my Back’.  And immediately, I wondered what wasn’t going to go exactly as I had planned or hoped for.


And then I carried on with my day.  Put it to the back of my mind and had a lovely day with the boys;  a very relaxed kind of day, playing with lego, searching for missing pieces, enjoying the afternoon sunshine with a rugby ball and a tennis ball, clambering over the ruins of Fountains Abbey and sprinting back up the hill and home for hot chocolate.


It was only when I checked my email and saw that my exciting plans and agreements had been kiboshed.  My abundance refused.


As I was chopping the butternut squash in frustration, the words came back to me.  ‘The Universe has my back.’  It is just a redirection.  These plans were not meant for me and I am being gently lead towards something better.   And my frustration lifted and I let it go.  My vibrational frequency, relaxing to a higher note.


I wish they taught this stuff at school. I wish I had been taught it at a much earlier age too… it would have lessened so much heartache and disappointment and freeing up my head and heart space for better things.

the universe has my back.jpeg


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