Beauty Sleep needed

Despite the ailments of the night and the elements of the day, all four of us made it out on the piste and all 9 of us made it for our final lunch together.

Typically, when asleep, I sleep like the dead.  I can sleep through the Big Man’s train engine of a snore and hurricane Brian.  But the mother’s instinct in me can hear the slightest noise of one my children being ill.

No matter how deep asleep or tired I am, I can bounce out of bed and be instantly alert… last night – stroking his back, finding fresh water, Dettol, bin liners and bags, squawking orders at a stunned Big Man..

And no matter how deep a sleep I need or how tired I am, I cannot sleep until all possibilities, events and outcomes have been exhausted and ruled out.  A rising temperature to 39, with a rash, headache and vomiting had me lying awake most of the night; holding a red hot body that curled around me, or thrashed out of the duvet, pressing glasses and thermometers and lips against his skin until I was completely sure the fever was gone and I didn’t need to wake Grandpa to drive me to the hospital.

As another little body arrived to join us, as the dawn of a grey morning broke, a tweak of the curtain showed us the rain had stopped.  And while my body screamed to stay in bed, the slopes of the last day screamed louder.

So, despite the ailments of the night, we did brave the elements of the day and actually enjoyed the flat light, the slush, the quiet slopes, a little rain and watching and chasing the boys ski 7 hours of beautiful parallel turns….

But now my little man and are turning apres ski down for duvet time; my body aches with tiredness, physical, emotional and with the lack of my beauty sleep, I am ugly with tiredness… thank goodness for goggles, snoods and helmets during the day!

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