Good old family fun

So, what do you do in a mountain village when the heavens open non-stop for 2 days, when you walk out of the door for less than a minute and your clothes are wet through to the skin?

What do you do when the ice skating ring has melted in to a pond and the swimming pool says ‘strictly no board shorts’ and the boys are too old to go in their boxers?

What do you do when you can’t go an all-day bar crawl to drink gluhwein and jager chases like we did pre-kids?

What do you do when you know letting the kids watch back to back films and endless games on the ipad just isn’t a good idea.

What do you do when one by one, we are dropping like flies with a cold and cough?

You have to go old school.

For the time it takes to let their ski gear dry, teach the kids to play hide and seek for the pound coin, play whist, pass the pigs…. Then throw them outside again and watch them make up their own games in the snow and call them in to get warm in the hot tub with Grandpa.

And laugh til it hurts as they climb all over him and steal his swimmers and run away!

Sadly – we are going to have to do it all again tomorrow.  Sadly, more rain and no more skiing forecast… but happily just more old school family fun!

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