A message from the Duke and the Queen

I had a lovely message from the Queen today.  As I went back to work with the laundry and running of the house… this is what I heard..


The first ten years of marriage is just like an overture, there is usually an awful crisis.  But you work it out… and settle in… and it is only then that the marriage gets in to its stride.”


Tonight, after a day when the Big Man went back to work and I went back to work, we are settling in.  We are in our own new stride.


And I agree with Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh when he refers to marriage as having tough times.  But that “in the rough, in the dark weeds, that’s where you find the treasure.”


I agree with both the Queen and the Duke.  An inspiration for the institution of marriage, working it out, riding the overtones and undertones and looking for treasure… and always together.


The queen

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