live in the moment

The house is quiet.  And there is just one final push to see out 2017.


And I am surprisingly chipper!  Whereas usually, by the end of Boxing Day I ready for it to all be over.  I am ready to hide under my duvet and wait until the party season is over so I can give my body and gut a rest.


As always, at the end of the day, at the end of anything, it is time for reflection.


I find myself in a miraculous position, one that myself of a year ago wouldn’t believe.  And I look back at that earlier version of me; her mantra to live in the moment, focus on the one in the present and breathe through the times of intense discomfort.


That practice helped me find my way here today.  In both situations.  From a crazily painful and trying year, and one I will look back on with pride at what we achieved and how we achieved it.  To this one, rather than bouncing from one event to the next, while thinking of all the things I had to do, I reminded myself to refocus and remembered to enjoy the precious, happy moments that were fleeting; washing, washing up, rain, dirty clothes and dirty floors, packing, cooking, menus, emptying the bins…  all could wait in favour of bike rides in the rain, cuddling on the sofa, enjoying the family time I missed so much last year.


live in the oment

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