I am craving sugar like you wouldn’t believe.  I haven’t had this kind of craving for ages.  I have tried everything… sweet vegetables and onions didn’t cut it tonight.  Nor did dark chocolate.


I moved on to the hidden bag of celebrations, the posh chocolate in the dining room, the final few tangfastics hidden in the coffee cupboard.  And now I am on ice cream.


But nothing is really working.


It is strange that I am craving sugar, in a week that I am learning so much about how bad it is for you. A key factor in inflammation which is the bedrock of most disease and a major contributor to obesity.


Since doing the 10 day sugar detox in January this year, I have consciously been aware of all the hidden sugar in our daily diets and consciously decided to make better choices.


So why the craving?  I am also learning that cravings are often not related to food, but more of an emotion or missing emotion; turning to food to fill an emotional gap or detract from an abundance of uncomfortable feeling.


I have been nestled with my 3 little boys (includes the cat) on the sofa, tickling backs and stroking heads.  But one head is missing.  And I could over think it.  But I am pretty sure that’s it.  A deep seated, hidden anxiety when we aren’t together.


No amount of sugar will mask that feeling.  But perhaps a peppermint tea will?



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