Sex Ed and laughter

Today started with laughter.  I always love a day that starts that way and especially when it is 4 of us in a bed, giggling under the duvet.


The giggling started with Tom’s openly honest question, “how do you have sex?”


Not quite expecting that kind of question before 8am, our grogginess stunned us in to silence.


The giggling started when Willy, breaking the quiet, retorted with an air of confidence, “my friend ‘N’ says that the boy puts his balls in the girl’s balls.”


The conversation between them then continued about the logistics of how this could happen, while I shook with hidden laughter, releasing the muffled snort when the Big Man started to intervene and correct with words such as ‘Widgy’.


In answer to the question, “Why on earth would you want to do that? It sounds disgusting?  It would feel weird.”  We explained it was so that you could have children.


Once again, the imagination of how this worked and the subsequent conversation, led me to hide further under the duvet… until someone said, “At least you only had to do it twice, Dad!”


I have laughed out loud several times today in recollection of the memory, especially if I have felt the sun coming over the clouds or the dark witch threatening to come out from hiding.


sex ed

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