Interesting.  So interesting.  With a week off from my course, due to Thanksgiving, I am reminded of something else Marianne said yesterday:

If you fill your house with light, darkness can’t come in.”

Learning, experimenting with the information I am given, focussing on assignments, living my purpose and passion on a daily basis, giving me a focus, fills me up with light.

And this week, I have found myself sinking into shadow and the darkness knocking on my door.  My feelings or lack of feeling of self worth plummeting, in all areas of my life when I find myself on my own.

I reminded myself that during the times when I feel a lack of self worth, i need to practice self compassion.  So on a morning when I had all good intentions to carry out my usual Wednesday morning off chores, I had to hide under the duvet to ignore the darkness and breathe through a battle between my head and heart before I went in search of light;  my boys.  Always my boys.  And especially on the sidelines watching them shine their own light.

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