The embryo, the rosebud and the acorn

Marianne Williamson was in my car today.   And on my dog walk.


I loved what she had to say… I always do.


And now that my ‘happiness’ has returned, no longer in search for it, inside and out and with joy pretty much omnipresent (or safe in the knowledge I know how I can find her when she hides in the shadow), peace is now the quest.  Peace in my mind, in my heart, to go hand in hand with joy so that I can face any drama or upset coming my way with dignity and grace.


And Marianne is probably one of the greatest teachers and thought leaders on peace.


She was asked a question on ambition and I loved her response.Something along the lines of…


Nature is ambitious.  It wants everything to become its highest form of possibility….  Does the embryo have to be ambitious to become a baby?   Does it continually say to itself, I will be a baby, I will be a baby?  A rosebud doesn’t have to keep telling itself it is going to blossom into blooms.    Just like the acorn doesn’t have to strategise about becoming an oak.


They all know.  They just surrender to the knowing and let nature and the power of energy work its magic.


It kind of calls me out on my affirmations and goals and plans.  Doesn’t it?  On the other hand, I think I have always known what I wanted to be, but been influenced or coerced or felt that I didn’t want to disappoint.  So maybe I need to set those intentions to bring me back to what I know to be true in my heart, to stop the conflict and the struggle and help me find peace?


And while they know, the embryo, the rosebud and the acorn, they know what they are and will be, but they don’t just sit there waiting for the magic, expecting the universal energy to provide… they work with it.   They do what they need to do in every moment, happy and peaceful in the knowledge that they will become the most magnificent version of themselves.  It’s in those moments, that they take the warmth from the sun, they nourish and fuel themselves with the nutrients at hand and they focus on growth, in that moment, growing to the next stage.


So when I become overwhelmed with my goals, ambitions and intentions, I bring myself back to me. To the now.  Taking the warmth I need from my family, my good friends, the sun, I nourish my soul with compassion, I fuel my body with good food and I grow through learning.  I keep growing to the next level, the next step up, just a little stretch further.


And just like the embryo, the acorn, the rosebud, I will peacefully and magically flourish in to the version of me that nature intended.


MW think






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