Affirming what I know I am…

I have always loved a good affirmation.  They are now such a part of my daily routine, so that just like cleaning my teeth, I can’t leave home without doing it.

I have seen and felt them work;  from the ‘I am successful’ mantra I had to repeat daily after I left the corporate profession I had worked so hard at for a decade and a half… to the ‘I am a strong and independent woman’ and ‘I am happy’ affirmations of the last year.

For me, I like to use them to affirm what I know I am deep down;  I use them to open up those hidden jewels that have been locked away.  I speak them out loud so as to open up my consciousness, to plant the seed that will grow as it gathers what it needs to ‘become’.  I find they give me confidence and permission to go out there into the world, leave my bathroom and to be what I say I am.

And my latest and most current affirmation is already manifesting.

I am an holistic health coach, inspiring the word one person at a time to take a look at their holistic health and make changes so that they are fulfilled, happy and healthy.”

I started doing a little dance when someone would text me or send me a photo of what they were making or doing, saying they were inspired to do so by my posts on my ‘Heal yourself Happy’ Instagram feed.  And they used the words ‘inspired’!  And now I am pretty much dancing all the time!!

One person at a time, one friend at a time… one bite, one recipe, one juice, one family at a time.  One drop in an ocean creating a ripple effect!  And that makes me happy!

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