It seems that when things have been so bad, or so dark, that when you come out through the other side, truly out of the other side, you feel a very bizarre sense of euphoria!

I think I am in that state!

I found myself standing by the bonfire, surrounded by my family, delighting in the falling ash, spinning in the ‘snow’.  The smallest of things magnified and intensified….Later in awe and mesmerised at the beauty of the dancing embers high in the sky; earlier, tearful with an intensity of pride at the sun reflecting in Tom’s golden flecked blue, blue eyes turning them transparent;  not wanting the moments to end as Willy loved laughing into my camera lens;  full of warm, softness as I relaxed in to the curve of the Big Man to share his scone, smiling at his clear eyes, no longer reflecting my pain or showing his.

It is a euphoric, yet wildly humbling experience.

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