Well, Mr Saucepan head and Horrid Henry were far easier costumes to muster together than this year’s request..   Was it even Horrid Henry?  I remember the ‘Alien in Underpants’ costume that was just brilliant; the same costume Willy discarded 2 minutes before time to leave to school .. and the only thing we could think of on the spot, was Saucepan Head.


This year, with a little more time, I spent a fun half hour rummaging for just the right things in the charity shops close by.  I tea died sheets!  Something I haven’t done before…  Had a party with flour on the balcony.  And spent 3 hours stitching so that my fingers are raw and questioning what on earth I was thinking!


Why didn’t I just buy costumes off Amazon like the Big Man suggested?


Why??  And now I have another 2 hours of sewing to go….but secretly quite happy to do so and secretly quite pleased with the results!


The countdown for World Book Day is on…

world book day


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