What’s your tagline?

Still on the theme of questions, and as I continue to be intrigued by Rebecca Campbell and absorbing all her ‘lightworking’, she asked some powerful ones of me today.

If someone were to write the movie of your life, what kind of movie would it be?”  Interesting.  To date it could be comedy, drama, thriller, love story and tear jerker…  but I strongly believe my story is not over yet!  There is still a badass power story to come, an inspirational journey, a success story.  We all hold the pen of the story of our life, right?

What do you want your legacy to be?”  Easy answer.  A happy, healthy family.  The legacy won’t be how we got there, what we overcame, how we responded but what we accomplished in the end.

If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?” Mother, daughter, partner, friend, lover.  Well that’s who I am..  but really who am I?  Loving, generous, gracious, grateful, humble? This one isn’t so easy.  I am also healthy, wealthy, abundant, selfless and selfish.  Too many words!  Who do I want to be?  Inspirational, successful, independent, free, loved.  I could keep going… One to ponder on.

And then if you had to do the same in 3?  Good gracious!  I found 5 hard to narrow down… which 3?

And then 1?  I seem to always go back to the one word; I am love.  My favourite book.

What’s your tag line?”  My journey since writing the alisandwiches has been one of  loss, grief and healing, but also one of happiness, one of joy, one of rebuilding, one of evolution, one of growth.  There are definitely some words there to play around with, but  right now my tagline is:  ‘Heal yourself happy!’

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