Answer the question… I believe..

Questions, questions, questions!    There are so many throughout the day that I put to myself.  Perhaps that is why I like writing?  To sort out the caught thoughts, capture the fleeting ones before they fly away.


The quick questions… like what were the little things that made me smile today?  The quick answers – Willy with a bath foam Father Christmas beard; Tom getting in to the U11’s cross country team (the year above his own); hearing the Big Man’s gentle snoring as he took my advice and took his run down, grey and poorly self to his bed; the waddling ducks that cross the road, from pond to pond, in the village I drive through each day… and the indulgent mouthful of chocolate brownie and ice cream I just savoured…


The more thought provoking questions… the ones I always have spiralling on my conscious – am I happy?  Am I doing what lights me up and makes me feel authentically me? Are my values still the same now as they were when I was 20, 30?  But the one today that really made me stop for more than a second, was in an interview with Michael Pollan with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.


As I was slicing up a red pepper, I heard Oprah ask him “Finish the sentence.. ‘I believe….’”.


Now he had a wonderful answer, which eludes me now as I was too busy answering the question myself with my own words.


“I believe in love.”  Was my immediate response.


So, the next question to myself –  Really?  Is it that simple for me?


I believe in love more now than ever; but the ever changing, iridescent colours and flavours of love.  No longer the perfect sphere of love that I used to put on a pedestal.


I much prefer my new belief and tangible, metaphorical image of love that is in my mind.  The big glass, perfect, precious, untouchable version shattered, now refashioned and carefully positioned back together in to a structure that creates a kaleidoscope of eternal light and colour, that is beautiful in its imperfection and irregularity and that calls out to be touched.


And I still believe in miracles.  My perception of love has shown me that.


That’s today’s question answered!


ask the right questions

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