A day of supercharging

Supercharging was the theme of today.

Firstly, with the new wheels – I am beginning to get the hang of the ‘supercharge’ necessity on long journeys, not only do you ‘fill up’ the car with energy but also oneself as you have no other option other than ‘fill up’ on caffeine or juice boosts to pass the time.

And secondly and the real supercharge, which came from spending a day with the people I have loved the longest, trust the most and am my most authentic self with.  That’s where true energy, power and inner peace comes from – being surrounded by unconditional love and a true sense of belonging.

My original family have been the consistent supercharging force that has helped me rebuild my current family.  And as I snuggle under fresh smelling daisy covered sheets, that is what I am most grateful for tonight.

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