Game Plan

In a day where I focussed on all the activities to tick off the lists of a mother, wife, housewife, project house developer, I found a few minutes to put my thoughts on paper on answering the exam question ‘WTF do I do now?’

I am realising that my days are quite long while the boys spend about 10 hours at school most days of the week, and my other activities and jobs are all well and good, but what about stimulation, satisfaction and solely for me (other than exercise..)?

I rather surprised myself with the first bullet point in answer to the question – update my CV.

Not that I intend on pursuing my career back in the corporate world, but more of a self confidence boost to remind myself thatI haven’t been idle in the 4 years I left it all behind and to hone out which bits of that I want to take forward, and that which I want to leave well and truly behind.

I already set the intention a couple of weeks ago that I was ready to re-involve myself in some sort of volunteering or charity work, and the Universe has already provided after a conversation on a park bench during a boys’ play date.

So now it is about getting clear on my intention of what it is I am looking for, for how long, who with and what arena.  Once I know the answers to those questions, I will know exactly where to go looking and I have faith everything will fall into place just as it should.

I have been looking daily at the 5G’s from Lewis Howes and the one that stumped me, that I glossed over while life was just too overwhelming and felt it was more important to focus on the first G, Gratitude, was the 4th G – Game Plan.  A game plan has to have absolute clarity and with my diminished drive and ambition towards my business and my book, I faltered and stuck my head in the sand.

It is time to write a new Game Plan and I can already feel it taking shape, and I feel better for having the first draft to answer the question ‘WTF do I do now?’

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