Message from a rose…

AS the hyperactive screams and shouts emanated from the boys’ basement just a moment ago, I took myself outside to the gardens for some peace and quiet.  To feel the fresh rain heavy air, admire and smell my sweet smelling old roses.


I had finally found a spare half an hour yesterday to plant my four new roses:  prosperity, abundance, smiles and ‘easy does it’.  They hadn’t been looking so good after being abandoned while I tended to my social life and guests and boys’ activities.  I had hoped with some love and attention, some good wholesome food, a long rehydrating drink and being put in to bed would revive them somewhat.


I smiled with relief to see that while 3 of them had perked up quite nicely, one of them still hung heavy, the flowers and buds drooping and unable to hold their heads high.  It looked totally reflective of how I feel after my ‘tsunami of the past’ passed through.


I smiled ruefully to myself as I flicked over the tag to see the rose that was still flagging was ‘easy does it’.  A little message from the universe, I believe, for the last 2 days of the school holidays!



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