My therapist was right. You do or, rather I do, need 5 or 6 human adult interactions or connections a day.

I feel better already for having had that this week, meeting old friends as they pop in for lunch or a tea and the kids hide and play.

Interestingly two of the questions they all ask is 'are you happy?', 'is he treating you well and making you happy?' I always answer truthfully, that while I may had the bad days and the odd demon, I am happy, content and yes, he is and has done everything he can to make that happen.

Long may it last. For him to me and me to him. And may we always drink wine and dance around the island choosing paint colours, discussing which walls to knock down, which ones to keep and what on earth shall we do with the basement….? May we always share our darkest, scariest thoughts as much as our hopes and dreams and may we always go to bed smiling and wake up happy.

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