Boringly normal

I am loving today for the fact that there has been zero drama in my life recently.  Nothing.  No life issues, no moving house issues, no children or parent problems… no cars driving in to a house, no stress, no worries and I didn’t even care that the Sky man used ‘health and safety’ issues to not fit the new Sky dish, even though there are 2 already there!


As the adrenalin that has been keeping me energised for the past few months, seeps out of my body from between my toes, my headaches stop and I relax from the head and shoulders down so much that I found myself asleep on my bed as I waited for the shower to heat up (even though it didn’t) and again in the movies.


As I sit in my pink and green stripey chair, I hear the boys watching ‘hop’ for the g-zillionth time and eating their post supper cereal and fruit bowls and the Big Man is nearly home and about to pour long G&T’s before an early night.


All is good.  All is finally ‘boringly normal’.  All that left is a peace, happiness and blue haired joy.


The last time I thought that, the sh*t hit the fan.  Come on Universe – I dare you!


happiness by buddha

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